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Adam Hooper – Are there any borrower faculties being a no that is immediate?

Adam Fountain – Yeah, there are a few. Once again, we lend to guys with bad credit as I mentioned. We choose to understand why somebody has credit that is bad. When they went through a divorce if they got torched in the downturn. All those are pretty understandable. If someone has credit that is bad they don’t spend their bills, that may be a danger sign. We do, not just do, we do back ground and credit checks, we do individual statements that are financial. So we’re really sort of interested in indications on how the debtor would respond when things got tough. Different things we’ve seen financial crimes on criminal background checks. Plainly those are dudes that we don’t like to provide cash to. However in the exact same respect, if somebody features a misdemeanor for, we don’t understand, a DUI or something like that, from ten years ago. Things like that, that is not just as much of a presssing problem for people.

Adam Hooper – and today, i suppose we chatted a bit that is little the marketplace earlier in the day.

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