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MenAskEm nearly all of my communications have actually the characteristics you talked about in your posts on texting.

So my concern is, if we don’t get an answer, will there be any follow through message that may trigger an answer? Or perhaps is it a dead problem?

Thank you for your concern, Ben! Lots of dudes are interested in this. The short response is: this will depend.

First, determine if it is a great usage of your efforts to content somebody a female a 2nd time whenever she don’t answer your very first work. Then, compose a note she can not ignore. Listed here is exactly how:

1) Double-check that both of you are an excellent fit on a fundamental degree

A lady’s profile is full of important clues that suggest whether or not she might content you straight back. Several things we are going to can’t say for sure — like if she features a “type” or if she simply began seeing some other person. But you will find a woman’s profile that may let you know if there is an opportunity she may not react. Go to her profile to see:

Your Match per cent

Here’s the guideline of thumb: 70% Match or even more? Do it. Significantly less than 70%? Proceed with care.

The lowest Match per cent is a disqualifier that is immediate. This usually points to serious differences in values, politics, religion, lifestyle habits, etc if it’s lower than 70. These things matter whenever you’re trying to enjoy someone’s business when it comes to long haul.

The lowest Match per cent is a helpful warning sign for you – don’t waste your time with this woman! – and ladies put it to use the same manner. We look at this quantity as being a fast solution to ID and delete the people whom probably messaged us centered on appearance, instead of being good fit into the areas which can be crucial. Read the rest of this entry »