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Mike Aurand (UrbanWoody Brewery). I experienced a dream and Superior Credit Union had been prepared to take an opportunity on us to really make it all happen.

I experienced a fantasy and Superior Credit Union ended up being happy to just simply simply take an opportunity on us to really make it all happen. We visited a few banking institutions about our task of a brewery. No bank would help. We weren’t rich individuals, simply your regular old blue collar household. We’d an excellent company plan, we had decided to go to brewery school and interned at a few breweries, we’d done all our research and, along with all that, we wished to spend money on a town that’s planning to become popular again. We don’t keep in mind whom We chatted to, but some body said, “Why don’t the credit is tried by you union?” So, we went in and chatted with Kim. As opposed to obtaining the very same banker’s attitude, she ended up being excited along with call that is drew. After that, we knew i did son’t have some one simply attempting to loan me personally cash. We’d somebody who desired to be described as a right component of our fantasy. Every barrier we had to get this happen Drew and Superior were able to over come. Unlike one other banking institutions that simply wish to loan cash, Superior went far beyond to help make our fantasy be realized. My family and I cannot thank Superior Credit Union sufficient for just what they did for all of us as well as thinking in us. Whenever all the banks simply said no, Superior seemed away from field and surely got to understand us and our passion and became a right component for this dream. That’s why once you glance at the front side of our building, the thing is our logo design and also you observe that we proudly show “Another task financed by Superior Credit Union. Read the rest of this entry »