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DailyDirt: Internet Dating, FTW? Online Dating Sites Forces Both Sexes to Overweight Pics

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88 times?

I understand Chris McKinlay has gotten a reasonable level of press for supposedly “gaming the device” on OKCupid, but think for him to find a decent match, and they’re not even in a real relationship (just a long-distance one, with no end in sight) about it: It still took 88 dates.

It seems like “gaming the machine” is much more onerous — and a lot more time intensive — than just asking down a gal that is random the street, or in a course, or at the job, or in a bar .

Re: 88 times?

it struggled to obtain me personally, kind of

Re: it struggled to obtain me personally, type of

It really is a chance. We’ve used such sites before and so they may work certainly. Read the rest of this entry »